Some Doctors Recommend Transvaginal Mesh despite growing numbers of Lawsuits

  April 8th, 2015

Some Doctors Recommend Transvaginal Mesh despite growing numbers of Lawsuits

Doctors and other medical professionals have been recommending vaginal mesh implantation as a permanent repair of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Since the 1990s, millions Millions of women around the globe suffer a diminished quality of life from these painful and chronic conditions. Many medical professionals continue to recommend use of transvaginal mesh despite a massive number of lawsuits due to complications associated with this implantation procedure.


Complications Associated with TVM Implants

Research along with studies revealing the risks and dangers associated with transvaginal mesh (TVM) are mounting quickly. These concerning results provide patients with a legitimate reason to inquire about the risk of implanting transvaginal mesh to correct POP and SUI in women. A brief summary of some of the enhanced risks associated with using vaginal mesh surgeries provides insight into the importance of being an informed consumer:

  • Patients treated with TVM face double the risk of continued urinary incontinence.
  • Use of transvaginal mesh to repair POP resulted in complete failure for ten percent of the 75,000 patients who received this form of treatment in 2010.
  • During 2010, TVM manufacturers estimate that 75,000 women underwent surgical procedures to remove TVM implants.
  • More than half of patients that experience complications require revisionary surgery to extract the TVM device.
  • Patients who receive TVM implants are seven times more likely to suffer bladder perforation injuries.
  • Approximately ten percent of women who receive TVM experience mesh erosion within a year of the surgical implant procedure.

POP & SUI Patients Might Want to Explore Alternative Forms of Treatment


Patients have a right to consider alternatives to a TVM implant with doctors, which an increasing number of patients are starting to do given extensive reports of life-altering complications. A number of alternatives exist for those suffering from POP or SUI, such as:

  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy: Some physicians postulate that POP is the result of abnormally low estrogen levels. These physicians might prescribe estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) as an alternative to implantation of TVM to strengthen pelvic muscles.
  • Biofeedback: The patient engages in pelvic exercises with sensors that indicate the contraction of muscles in the pelvic region.
  • Electrical Stimulation: This treatment regimen involves transmitting low levels of electrical stimulation into the pelvic area which forces the muscles to contract.
  • Botox Treatment: While Botox treatments are most often associated with smoothing wrinkles, the capacity of the substance to relax muscles can ease incontinence. The procedure is conducted in a doctor’s office with a local anesthetic. Botox has not yet been approved by the FDA for treatment of bladder problems, but clinical trials are ongoing.
  • Vaginal Pessary Implantation: Therapeutic Pessaries are removable devices that alleviate the symptoms of POP but does not treat the disorder. The device must be extracted periodically for cleaning.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises: These types of muscle exercises allow patients suffering from leaking urine to rebuild the strength of the uterus and bladder. The exercises involve tightening and relaxing of the muscles associated with urination.

Recent $830 Million Settlement of Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Offers Promise for Patients


A recent $830 million Transvaginal Mesh settlement against American Medical Systems related to implantation of its transvaginal mesh device offers promise to those injured by this type of medical device. Patients injured by implantation of the company’s TVM will be eligible to receive compensation for their expenses and pain through the settlement of American’s parent company, Endo International, PLC. These companies were facing more than 22,000 lawsuits over the prior few years related to TVM implantation injuries and complications.


There are still other TVM manufacturers facing litigation over injuries caused by their TVM products. If you have been injured or suffered complications from TVM implantation for POP or SUI, you might have a right to financial compensation. has helped countless people find legal help, use the free case review form to see if you qualify. 

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Judge in MDL Warns TVM Shareholders

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is overseeing the MDL in West Virginia recently issued a warning to shareholders of C.R. Bard that failure to settle pending claims could lead to enormous financial losses according to a recent Bloomberg article. The warning was issued at a December 9, 2014 hearing in the wake of several multi-million dollar jury awards in TVM lawsuits against C.R. Bard. “I can’t imagine a corporation facing potentially billions of dollars in verdicts wouldn’t find it advisable to try to achieve a settlement for a much lesser sum, said Judge Godwin. “I based that billions of dollars business on some of the rather large verdicts that we’ve had.”

Recent Large Jury Verdicts/Settlements

A number of recent settlements and verdicts in TVM lawsuits offer encouragement to many patients who have suffered serious harm caused by this medical device. Some recent examples include: February 18, 2015: C.R. Bard settles a bellwether case for an undisclosed amount one day prior to the date set for trial. Bellwether trials provide a way to gauge likely jury responses to witnesses and testimony likely to be presented in multiple cases. The victim claimed that transvaginal mesh posed an unreasonable risk of complications that include bleeding and scarring. (Reuters)
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