Boston Scientific to pay $119 Million in first major Transvaginal Mesh Settlement.

 June 10th, 2015

Boston Scientific one of seven companies facing lawsuits over their Transvaginal Mesh implants agreed to pay around $119 Million dollars to resolve a portion of their legal claims. This is the first major settlement and is seen as a major victory for the thousands of other women with claims. According to the drug maker in a regulatory filing said that Boston Scientific expected to pay around $119 Million to resolve 2,970 cases.

Boston Scientific based out of Massachusetts who reached this land mark agreement faces more then 25,000 Transvaginal Mesh lawsuits. After losing their first two federal cases involving mesh, The company has finally agreed to settle some of their cases. Although this settlement only covers a fraction, about 10%, it is seen as a positive sign for the thousands of women who have been waiting for their day in court.

February 18, 2015:
C.R. Baird settles a bellwether case for an undisclosed amount one day prior to the date set for trial. Bellwether trials provide a way to gauge likely jury responses to witnesses and testimony likely to be presented in multiple cases. The victim claimed that transvaginal mesh posed an unreasonable risk of complications that include bleeding and scarring. (Reuters)

December 2014:
The second bellwether TVM trial involving Boston Scientific resulted in a jury award of $18.5 million in favor of four women. Each of the plaintiffs will receive approximately $3.6 million in compensatory damages. They will also receive one million each in punitive damages because of “gross negligence” by the medical device manufacturer. The prior TVM trial against the manufacturer resulted in a jury verdict of $26.7 million in November 2014. (Bloomberg)

There are literately thousands of unsettled Lawsuits which include more then 23,523 against Ethicon, 19,159 against American Medical Systems, 10,348 against C.R. Baird and 15,278 lawsuits against Boston Scientific.

Judge Goodwin in MDL Warns TVM Shareholders

The U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is overseeing the MDL in West Virginia recently issued a warning to shareholders of C.R. Bard that failure to settle pending claims could lead to enormous financial losses according to a recent Bloomberg article. The warning was issued at a December 9, 2014 hearing in the wake of several multi-million dollar jury awards in TVM lawsuits against C.R. Bard. “I can’t imagine a corporation facing potentially billions of dollars in verdicts wouldn’t find it advisable to try to achieve a settlement for a much lesser sum", said Judge Goodwin. “I based that billions of dollars business on some of the rather large verdicts that we’ve had.

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